Curious Pictures, Producers Of Popular Disney, Nick & PBS Children’s Television, Invests In Kids’ App Maker PlaySquare, A Startup Building “Touchable TV”

I like the idea of “touchable TV.” This could be the start of a new way for children to interact with the world around them. I dislike that there is no focus on educational intent in this article. I would have liked to see something saying “this will be good for kids because…”

It is pretty though! /facepalm


PlaySquare, a startup founded by a team of Emmy-winning children’s television producers interested in bringing “touchable TV” to the iPad, has found a new home and partner in its efforts thanks to an investment from Curious Pictures. The NYC-based production company, known for popular children’s programming like Disney’s “Little Einsteins,” Nick Jr.’s “Team Umizoomi,” HBO’s “A Little Curious,” as well as more adult-oriented films and games (including RockBand), has invested $660,000 into PlaySquare, and will fund up to an additional $1.5 million over the course of the next two years.

As a result of the funding, PlaySquare will relocate to Curious’s New York offices, where their now seven-person team will be able to take advantage of the pool of knowledge, talent and infrastructure in the larger organization. At any given point, depending on what property it’s working on at the time, Curious Pictures may have up to 150…

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