How technology can empower patients, including 4 diagnostic tools for your iPhone

“The website can connect you to physicians and specialists in your state who do appointments over secure chat, Skype or the telephone.” That’s amazing, I can sit at home in my PJs and conduct follow-up appointments? Sign me up! My only concern with the current cultural shift of receiving health care at a local pharmacy. (ex: Walgreens, CVS) is whether or not this will raise more “family” pharmacies and the ethical issues that could ensue.

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Eric Dishman is used to thinking about how technology can transform the world of health care. As an Intel Fellow and general manager of the company’s Health Strategy & Solutions Group, his job is all about finding innovative new approaches to healthcare. [ted_talkteaser id=797] And he’s no stranger to talking about them. At TEDMED 2009, in the talk featured to the left, Dishman asked us to “Take health care off the mainframe,” boldly comparing the current American health care system to mainframe computers circa 1959.

But just two weeks ago, at TED@Intel, Dishman tells the much more personal story of his battle with kidney disease.

To say that his battle is with disease isn’t the full story. Instead, as he describes in this second talk, his fight is not only with faulty kidneys, [ted_talkteaser id=1711]but also with a flawed healthcare system.

Two decades ago, when he…

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